The Bull

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Proper Burgers,
Inspired by

Raging Street Food Culture

At Bulls, we know that burger and fries don’t solve the world’s problems. But it’s a damn good place to start.


We’ve taken simple food (that every foodie’s bound to love) and given it a no-nonsense, gourmet edge. By using only the highest quality beef, chicken, and other fresh ingredients, you’ll be asking for seconds between sloppy mouthfuls, in no time!


This is the place to celebrate street food culture, as well as the raw satisfaction of digging into great food, with both your bare hands.


You ready? Come challenge the beast, if you dare…

Fresh Locally

Sourced Ingredients

There’s Something

For You, You, and You…

Whether you’re a predatory meat-lover or like to keep things green as a veggie, the Bull’s menu satisfies a wide range of dietary preferences.


We use the mightiest street food methods to freshly fry or grill your patties, ensuring that you get the perfect bite – every time.


Don’t be shy fellow burger boss. There’s something for everyone here.

We Only Use
Premium Quality Ingredients
Preparing Bulls’ Burgers

100% Fresh Beef

Holy cow, the choice is epic!

Sink your teeth into a Classic Bullseye, or the cheeky Mexican Toro. This is the place where all your beefy fantasies are fulfilled.

100% Fresh

Who says chicken can’t be as exciting as red meat?

We put these naysayers to shame with the Blazin’ Bird, Rebel Cluck, and the bonafide Big Birdie. Which chicken burger will be your go-to?

100% CHICKEN. 100% BEEF. 100% GREAT TASTE.